May. 29th, 2018

Demonic Pact in Modern

Jank Tank
Demonic Pact in Modern

Hey guys, Brian here, and today I have an awesome brew that's based around two awesome cards: Demonic Pact, and Sky Swallower. Now, the original idea of this deck was taken from the Reddit's Budget Decks community, however we've updated the list a little bit here to (hopefully) make it a little more competitive.

Here's the original Decklist, posted by /u/Apprentice_of_Ixidor on the /r/budgetdecks subreddit. It has a lot of awesome things going on. Let's look at what it has going for it, and how we can potentially improve it.

How To Win

The main win condition of this deck is to play , choose all the options during your subsequent upkeeps until the only option left is to lose the game, and then "donate" your timebomb-of-an-enchantment to an opponent (along with all your other permanents) via . It's fun as hell. While the original deck tech suggested that other viable win conditions include beating into an opponent with beefy flyers, then getting rid of them, I found after playing this version of the deck that that isn't reliable enough of a win condition. It's better to go all in on Demonic Pact.

Since we know we're going to be donating tons of permanents to our opponent at some point, we're able to take advantage of a few things. First up, we have . The anti makes it so that we get a huge flyer, but at the expense of not being able to win while its on the field. While a huge beater in the sky seems awesome, as I just stated, beating your opponent to 0 isn't really a great option with this deck. I've found that this demon is viable mainly because it seems like a threat. Opponent's try and deal with the creature instead of setting up their own threats. And since our deck is just a combo deck at its core, this gives us valuable time to set up.

Speaking of time, one of the best things that has going for it is that while it is a combo piece, its doing tons of things to control the pace of the game while you're waiting to win. Maybe you don't have yet. That's ok, since you know you're going to be drawing into tons of cards before you have to pull the trigger. Maybe your opponent has a decent sized threat you need to deal with, and you're now on a clock. can deal some damage and heal you up, often giving you that extra turn you need. Maybe you're up against a deck that needs just a little bit more gas to finish you off. Make them discard their fuel for the fire, while you kick back and wait for victory.

Things to Help Us Win

We have a ton of bounces in this version of the deck, which originally is intended to make sure that if you are in a doomed scenario, you can get out of it, in addition to the positive tempo advantages you get with bounce spells. allows us to be more flexible with our Persecutors and Sky Swallowers, since we don't really care if they shrink a bit, and we can have more open mana to respond to threats. I've found that a huge benefit of is also that its enchantment hate-bait. If you drop it on turn 2, you're opponent has their alarm bells go off, and knows they should probably deal with it soon. But even if it does get removed, we still can combo off no problem!

was an interesting (obviously budget friendly) choice for hand disruption. I don't love the choice, as it ends up being a far worse version of something even like duress, once Heartless Summoning is on the field. But that's a great segway into changes I made to this decklist to make it a bit more competitive.

Card Changes

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